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Pathways provides treatment services to children and adolescents from birth through 21 years of age with behavioral health disorders.  These services are designed to aid children and families in age appropriate development and functioning in the community.

Services are provided face-to-face and by telephone utilizing evidence based principles, focusing on the child and family's strengths and building both natural and community resources to encourage family independence.
Our therapists have a minimum of a Masters degree or are completing a practicum for their Masters degree. They have a strong understanding of child and family development, trauma, and behavioral health disorders and treatment interventions. Our therapists understand that mental health diagnosis and treatment is very different for children and youth than for adults.

Our therapists work with the family to assess unmet needs, coordinate services and develop an individualized service plan intended to support the child and his or her family. They will also provide information on resources and community based services, which may further benefit the child.  Our psychologists also provide psychological testing and medication evaluation and monitoring.

Pathways' therapists are highly trained to work with families wherever they are needed to ensure that the family’s needs are met. They will meet children and families at home, in school, and in our conveniently located clinics.

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We're proud to say that in a recent survey of the parents and youth, we rated 4.2 on a 5 point scale.  One parent said. "Pathways meets our expectations in every way.”  One of the children we served exclaimed. "I love it here."

Pathways can connect children & families with the services we describe here.  as well as other services for which they may qualify.  Are you or someone you know struggling with a child's behavior or feelings?  Pathways can help!

What do Children and Families Say?

The Opportunity Knocks Program is supported 

This is a clinically driven, individualized service that provides intensive in-home and community support to families with children with behavioral struggles. Teams provide an average of four to 15 hours per week of treatment for an average of six months. This is for children and youth at risk of hospitalization or other out of home placement.

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People.  Passion.  Service.

These services are research based and proven effective in community mental health treatment for children. Our staff is highly trained and specialize in the treatment of families. They are passionate about working with children as their calling to serve.  Some examples of treatments offered are:

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral
  • Therapy (TF CBT) Parent Child Interaction
  • Therapy (PCIT)
  • Motivational lnterview·ng (Ml) Seeking Safety
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Brief Family Therapy
  • Functional Behavioral Analysis
  • Parenting Skills Group Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention Management
  • Medication Evaluation & Management

& Community-Based Treatment

We are dedicated to treat the whole person.  Mental health disorders can coexist with physical problems and substance use disorders. Also physical problems and substance use can cause mental health disorders. We have medical staff and all staff train in identifying the complications of multiple life stressors which may include medical and substance use diagnoses.

Pathways of California

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Children & young ages 0-21 with an included mental health diagnosis, Medi-Cal, or if the diagnosis is unknown, one of our clinicians will complete a diagnostic assessment.

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