Collaborative Pathways

  • Thorough assessment and care planning with input from the referring provider, goals identified by the individual and recommendations from Pathways staff.
  • ​Linkage to community-based resources (transportation, benefits establishment, occupational support, etc.)
  • ​Mental health rehabilitative services focused on supporting symptom management.
  • Transportation and accompaniment to appointments​​​.
Pathways of California

Pathways Integrated Care Services programs provide a variety of field-based services to individuals throughout Southern California.

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Outpatient Therapy

Intensive Care

Coordination Program

The outpatient therapy program allows Pathways’ licensed clinicians to serve individuals in clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. We serve clients age 4 and up, and currently offer services in English, Spanish and Tagalog. Clients are able to see Pathways clinicians for therapy during evenings, weekends, and business hours. Currently, we work with Kaiser Permanente insurance. Individuals who are interested in using their Kaiser insurance to cover all or part of the cost of therapy are able to get a referral through their primary provider.

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The Intensive Care Coordination Program (ICCP) supplements traditional outpatient mental and behavioral health services by providing field-based services to individuals who would otherwise struggle to comply with established care plans.

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Post-Hospitalization  Assessments

We offer short-term (typically 3-6 months), cognitive-behavioral therapy on an individual, weekly basis. We meet with clients once per week, or as needed. All clinics are ADA accessible, and are located throughout Orange and Los Angeles County.  If you are interested in seeing one of our therapists, please contact your insurance provider, or call Pathways Integrated Care Services at (562) 467-5448.

We have collaborative relationships with agencies such as ACCESS, Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Social Services, Social Security Administration, local hospitals, Board and Care facilities, and more. We are equipped to respond during high-risk situations and are trained in Mental Health First Aid.  Our team consists of multi-cultural, multi-lingual personal service coordinators, supervisors, and a clinically licensed program director. We strive to provide client-centered, culturally-competent care, and provide ethically sound, HIPAA­ compliant services. We value inclusivity and welcome individuals of all ages, orientations, identities, and backgrounds.

​If you or a loved one may be in need of this service, please contact your primary insurance provider to obtain a referral.

Pathways of California

8337 Telegraph Rd., Suite 115  Pico Rivera, CA 90660 Phone:  (562) 467-5448  Fax:​  (888) 975-4205​​

The outpatient therapy program allows Pathways’ licensed clinicians to serve individuals in clinics throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. 

​​​We Serve:

  • Individuals in need of specific care coordination services in order to overcome barriers to assessing treatment, community support and recovery.
  • ​Individuals who routinely miss scheduled outpatient therapy, groups, psychiatric appointments.
  • ​Individuals with limited personal or social support.
  • ​Individuals with a history or risk of medication non- adherence, psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Individuals who are able to participate in and commit to weekly face-to-face meetings with ICCP staff and understanding of the PSC's role.

Pathways offers a one-time, in-home assessment for individuals recently released from hospital stays. This allows us to ensure that clients have their follow-up instructions, know how to access their prescriptions, and know their next scheduled appointment. There is often a lot to consider after a hospitalization. Our licensed therapists offer an in-home visit to evaluate your progress and provide linkages to needed resources.

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We offer two tiers of treatment, which can be adjusted depending on need. Tier 1 clients receive more intensive services, while Tier 2 clients receive less intensive services that promote independence. We provide our services for an average of six months to a year.  The following services begin immediately upon referral:​