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All of our peer mentors have lived experience with mental illness. Our services are provided at the consumer's home, or in an appropriate community setting, with respect and cultural sensitivity.

Track 2 Services

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Peer mentors are paired with consumers to assist them with a realistic and measurable recovery goal.
Goals may include:

College Community Services: Adult Peer Mentoring Services assists adults and older adults with mental health conditions by supporting individuals as they pursue their recovery goals.

Assists adults with SPMI linked with county and county-contracted behavioral health clinics with recovery goals, such as reintegrating into the community, increasing self-reliance by building a healthy network of support, linking to community-based service, utilizing public transportation, or assisting clients with applications for driver’s license or ID cards.   

  • Peer support through education/
    advocacy, reducing stigma, and providing hope
  • Connecting to community resources such as food banks, housing, or financial benefits
  • Bus training
  • Connection to a self-sustaining resource or program such as the Wellness Centers

For Consumers

"I always felt so alone. I thought I was the only one with mental illness. But when I met my peer mentor, I realized that I can be successful too, and I started to have hope for myself." - H.S.

Talk to your Plan Coordinator and ask if Peer Mentoring Services is right for you. Ask them to refer you and discuss a goal you would like help with.

Assists adults with SPMI pending discharge from psychiatric care received by the County Crisis Stabilization Unit and hospital emergency departments, with linkage to behavioral health services to pursue their recovery goals.  Peer Mentors provide linkages, education, coaching life skills, case management, role modeling, advocating, etc.  

Plan coordinators complete a referral packet and fax to 657-208-1374. To request a referral packet, please call 714-948· 7970.

        Our services follow the Recovery & Rehabilitation Models of Care, which focus on consumer strengths 

and self-identified goals and objectives.  Our comprehensive services include educational, vocational, housing and peer support services.

People.  Passion.  Service.

"My journey has been challenging, tough, and difficult. But people walking alongside me have helped me tremendously.  They have set me on a path of recovery." - H.N.

For PlanCoordinators

Depending on program requirements, consumers typically remain in the program for 60 days.

Track 1 Services

Peer Mentor Services is supported by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

We use a Team Model approach to service delivery which provides a comprehensive clinical network of providers that best meets the needs of our clients.

People.  Passion.  Service.

Our clinical staff is a multi-disciplinary team and includes psychiatrists, nursing staff, Personal Service Coordinators, vocational specialists, housing specialists, and peer support staff.  Our services include:

Peer mentors work alongside our consumers to enhance their recovery through empowerment by linking them to resources and services in order to develop greater independence.