​​​​​​​​San Diego County
Mary Ellen Baraceros, Regional Director (619) 481-3790


(TAY 16-25 yrs)

Eddie Quintana, Program Director; Lilia Faaola, Assistant Program Director
7986 Dagget Street San Diego, CA 92111
Business: (858) 300-0460  Fax: (858) 300-0461

An Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Full Service Partnership (FSP) program. Catalyst provides intensive outpatient services to Transitional Age Youth (TAY) ages 16 to 25 with a serious mental illness, and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in San Diego County. Catalyst’s ACT team provides comprehensive, individualized services in an integrated and continuous manner. Services are collaborative and recovery-oriented, and services include: psychiatric assessment, medication management, crisis intervention, individual therapy, substance abuse treatment, co- occurring disorders treatment, supportive housing, resource linkage, advocacy, family psychoeducation and therapy, supportive employment and education development, legal assistance, community integration services, peer support and group counseling.


(Children & Family)

Mareeh Claire Marquez, Program Director
6244 El Cajon Boulevard, Suite 14 San Diego, CA 92115
Business: (619) 640-3266  Fax: (619) 640-3269

School-based, Full Service Partnership (FSP) program serving Medi-Cal eligible and unfunded youth (ages 5-21) and their families. Cornerstone is currently partnered with 14 school sites within San Diego Unified School District and serves the Mid-City area of San Diego. Services include individual therapy, family therapy, case management, crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluation and medication management.

Fire Captain Ryan J. Mitchell’s First Responders Behavioral Health Support Program
(First Responders) 
Kristie Combs, Program Manager
6160 Mission Gorge Road, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92111
Helpline: 1-833-983-4778  Business: 619-226-9283
A free and confidential 24/7 peer supported referral helpline for all first responders in San Diego County. We provide mental health and substance use resources as well as, in-service trainings to first responders to increase awareness about mental health services and decrease the barriers and stigma to seeking treatment.

Kickstart Program

(Youth and young adults 10-25 yrs) 

Hope Graven, Program Director
6160 Mission Gorge Road, Suite 100 San Diego, CA 92111
Business: (619) 481-3790  Fax: (619) 481-3797

A Recovery Oriented program with a diverse clinical team specially trained to educate the community, treat youth and assist families in preventing psychosis. We serve young people ages 10 to 25, Medi-Cal eligible or indigent, their families, and their social networks to build support around the youth and promote success in relationships, education and employment. Kickstart strives to keep hope alive through education and early intervention.

Oasis Clubhouse

(TAY 16-25 yrs)

Ericka Mancillas-Vargas, Program Sup.
3330 Market Street, Suite C San Diego, CA 92102
Business: (858) 300-0470  Fax: (858) 300-0471

A Recovery Oriented, comprehensive, dynamic and member-run program targeting the unique needs of Transition Age Youth (TAY) ages 16 to 25 who are receiving behavioral health services. Our Clubhouse provides life skills training, educational assistance, job skills and development, mental health support and linkage, recovery groups, community service opportunities, social and recreational activities, and peer support and mentoring.

Urban Beats

(TAY 16-25 yrs)

Miraka Johnson, Program Coordinator
3330 Market Street, Suite D San Diego, CA 92102
Business: (619) 736-5552  Fax: (858) 300-0471

Urban Beats is an innovative artistic expression program for Transition Age Youth (TAY) ages 16 to 15 who are either receiving behavioral health services or are at risk of experiencing mental health challenges. Through creating and delivering artistic productions and TAY-focused social media messaging, Urban Beats aims to enhance self-sufficiency and increase TAY engagement in behavioral health treatment. Urban Beats utilizes strengths identification and artistic expression to fight the stigma related to mental illness and promote youth self-empowerment and improve wellness. Urban Beats has received State and County recognition for their exceptional efforts in meeting the needs of those they serve.

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California Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Locations

Gio Rodriguez, State Director (562) 467-5440


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