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The need to think creatively, "out of the box", is essential to challenging the barriers to recovery. We keep an open mind about solutions and encourage a willingness to try new approaches.  Having fun can lower one's burdens, free the spirit, and promote laughter and playfulness.  The use of fun within the creative process can be healing and it is promoted through activities, exposure to opportunities, and in assistance with basic needs.

  Honoring the Journey
The recovery journey is as important as the outcome.  Participants are encouraged to try new things, even at the risk of making mistakes. Experiencing natural consequences can be a valuable learning experience and an integral process in the journey of recovery. "Aha!" moments happen when we value the journey as much as the destination.

People.  Passion.  Service.

Pathways of California

Hope is the driving force behind recovery. People with mental illness can and do get better. We encourage participants to achieve to their full potential. We hold hope for some until they can find it for themselves. We support participants by role modeling, cheerleading, and reinforcing the belief that everyone is capable of a meaningful life. 

Self Determination 
Our participants are empowered to take control of their own recovery. They are the "expert" when it comes to their lives, and their strengths are utilized to determine their path to success. 

We provide a welcoming environment, promoting diversity, practicing acceptance, showing respect, eliminating barriers, exhibiting compassion, and going the extra mile. We value individual identities, cultures, and written and spoken languages. We provide a safe place where all can be themselves. 

  • Individualized Goal Setting
  • Case Management/Support
  • Medication Management
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Assistance with Housing, Education, & Employment
  • Resources and Referrals
  • Group Discussion, Activities and Classes
  • Utilization of the Recovery Model and Harm Reduction
  • Community Integration

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The STAY Process supports transitional Age Youth (TAY) 16-25 years old in their steps toward recovery with their mental illness to achieve an independent and productive life.  It is open to youth that live in Orange County with a serious mental illness with limited family, economic and social support.​​ 

The Opportunity Knocks Program is supported 

Our services include:

Community Integration
Recovery truly happens once individuals find their place in the community and no longer live with the isolating effects of stigma. We assist TAY to identify meaningful roles, and places of belonging and purpose in the community. We promote education and employment, two vital paths out of poverty and toward independence.

Supporting Transitional Age Youth (STAY) Process provides personalized and supportive services based on needs identified by each participant.  Using a collaborative approach, TAYs receive assistance and support to accomplish their goals through the use of community resources.  Staff members work with TAYs, not for them, thereby encouraging a sense of independence and accomplishment.

People.  Passion.  Service.

Pathways of California

Being Real 
We strive to be transparent with each other within the limits of confidentiality Honesty and authenticity in relationships are the foundation of recovery.  Building trust is a priority in developing a healing relationship.  Life choices are made by the participant in conjunction with honest feedback and support from staff.